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In the fall of 2022, surveys were sent out to every resident and staff member at Shaker Pointe. The survey contained a simple, open-ended question: “In a few words, what do you think are the core values of Shaker Pointe?”

Shaker Pointe’s Executive Director, Kathy Welden, says, “What I found is that everyone felt the same way. What we ended up choosing for our core values is what came up over and over again in all surveys.”

A core values committee was formed to collect and discuss the survey results. After several meetings, they chose six values that showed up in the majority of the surveys:

  • Promising Compassion & Kindness
  • Opportunity for Creative & Learning
  • Inclusive & Diverse
  • Neighbors as Friends
  • Tradition of Respect
  • Engaged, Welcoming Community

The committee named these “the Pointe of it all,” and Shaker Pointe’s Board of Directors enthusiastically approved.

The Shaker Pointe at Carondelet Logo over the text: The Pointe of it all. Promising compassion and kindness - Opportunity to Creativity & Learning - Inclusive & Diverse - Neighbors as Friends - Tradition of Respect - Engaged, Welcoming Community

But Shaker Pointe isn’t just led by its residents or its leadership team. All executive decisions are made in alignment with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Shaker Pointe’s sponsors, and with the foundational statement made by the Sisters on March 25, 2010. You can read the statement in full here, but it has been excerpted below:

Shaker Pointe at Carondelet, Inc. has been founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph to further their mission of responding to the needs of the time with a distinctive spirit of hospitality that welcomes the “dear neighbor.”

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, a Roman Catholic congregation of women religious, as Sponsor of Shaker Pointe are committed to respecting all faith traditions and providing opportunities for the spiritual life of its residents and those seniors living in the broader community.

The lifestyle created at Shaker Pointe is based upon these core values: respect for the dignity of each person, compassionate concern for others, care of the earth, participation in the broader community, dedication to excellence, and collaboration.

Shaker Pointe is committed to creating an environment that fosters independent retirement living by offering opportunities for socialization, education, and recreation. Shaker Pointe understands that it must be open and responsive to the ever-evolving needs of its residents and the community.

Shaker Pointe’s residents and staff live these values every day. We take great pride in the community we’ve built here and are actively seeking ways to imbue these values into more of our marketing, service, and leadership efforts.

Thinking of making the transition into senior living? Set up a tour of Shaker Pointe and come see our core values in action!

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