Monthly Fee

An all-inclusive monthly service fee

An all-inclusive monthly service fee means no financial surprises.

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Residents will enjoy all the features and benefits of Shaker Pointe for one low monthly fee. Our inclusive monthly service fee provides for a variety of amenities and services to simplify your life and provide for your well being.

Your monthly service fee makes bill paying easier because all your living expenses (phone, cable, internet, water, insurance, gas and electric, etc.) are included in one convenient payment.

Shaker Pointe offers educational lectures, exercise classes and special events to enhance and enrich your life.  All of these exceptional opportunities are included in your monthly fee.

Q:  Wouldn’t it be cheaper for me to stay in my home?

A:  Staying in your home harbors many hidden costs (monetary and otherwise) that may take a toll on your health and well-being as you age.  At Shaker Pointe, there are no financial surprises.  A fixed monthly fee means no unforeseen maintenance expenses which add to your peace of mind and financial planning.  When you factor in the many perks of Shaker Pointe, the value becomes clear.  You will find that it is surprisingly affordable to live in an independent living retirement community when you do the true analysis.  There is no better place to invest than in your own well-being!

Q:  How much are the monthly service fees?

A:  The monthly service fees start at $2,356 per month and vary depending on the unit type, size and location.