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Making the decision to move to Shaker Pointe takes time. Your discovery of our community and all it has to offer may take several visits and phone calls. It usually involves family members or even a financial advisor. In most cases, you may have a house to sell…a house that you have lived in for a very long time. It can be overwhelming, but our experienced staff is there with you, every step of the way.

Leaving your long-time home can be difficult both logistically and emotionally and our personalized sales team will guide you with compassion, resources and loads of encouraging support. In fact, we have a risk-free reservation process that gives you the time you need to downsize and sell your house, while we hold your spot. Your new Shaker Pointe home will be a beautifully appointed haven for you when you are ready to move in.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from making well-informed choices about your move – choices that are supported and backed by our sales team. Plus, you’re going to love the benefits of independent living!

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Moving Resources

We provide resources and tools that will be essential for your move to Shaker Pointe.

  • Downsizing: We can help you choose a professional organizer who is right for you and can provide services from space planning, packing, moving, and effective storage.
  • Choosing a Realtor: Our team can help you find the right realtor by providing a list of preferred real estate agents that we are familiar with.
  • Personalized Service: From finding the right apartment to coordinating your moving day, our team can help identify your needs and formulate a plan together.

Financial Planning

Shaker Pointe has residential options and price points to suit your needs. Our all-inclusive monthly service fees and refundable entrance fee options allow our residents to utilize assets to keep the monthly costs down and preserve their estate. Plus, if you live at Shaker Pointe for 10 years, we’ll freeze your rent! We will work with you to help determine which option makes the most sense. Call us today at (518) 250-4897 to learn more!

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You will never have more support for a move than you will at Shaker Pointe! Let us help you through the process by contacting us today!

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