Refundable Entrance Fee

A Refundable Entrance Fee is an essential benefit to our package

Guaranteeing a refundable entrance fee provides secure management you can trust
in the holding of the assets for which you’ve worked hard.

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 As a non-profit organization, the Sisters of St. Joseph offer a refundable entrance fee model paired with a monthly service fee for the leasing of the apartment homes within the Shaker Pointe community.  Refundable entrance fee communities have been in existence for over 40 years and are thriving throughout the United States.  They offer a unique avenue for utilizing saved assets and/or built up home equity to access an unsurpassed lifestyle that otherwise may cost thousands of dollars more.

The refundable entrance fee is paid upon moving into the community of Shaker Pointe and is refunded when you move out, or directly to your estate if you live the rest of your life here.

Q:  Is there risk involved?

A:  With the solid backing of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the oversight of the State of New York’s Attorney General’s Office, our residents enjoy peace of mind knowing their money is working for them and is in good hands, preserving their assets.

Q:  How much are the entrance fees?

A:  Shaker Pointe offers several refundability options to fit your financial picture.  Traditional entrance fees start at $127,500 with refundable entrance fees starting at $183,900.   Entrance fees vary depending on the unit type, size and location.

Residents living in independent retirement communities are young in mind and heart. Those who make the move shift away from becoming dependent and stuck in their house.  They choose an independent lifestyle that often results in a complete change of spirit and attitude.

There is no better place to invest than in your well-being!