Financial Information

There are plenty of reasons why Shaker Pointe makes financial sense

Let your money work for you. Here are some reasons Shaker Pointe makes sense for your retirement.

Cost of Staying in Your Home

What’s the true cost of staying in your home? Have you ever taken the time to identify and total up all the key expenses included in home ownership – not to mention the difficulty and frustration often involved in locating reputable persons to handle nagging repairs and routine maintenance issues? The final sum will probably surprise you – especially when compared to everything that is included at Shaker Pointe!

Put the equity in your home to work for you! As a not-for-profit community, the fees you pay stay in the community and benefit you. Our entrance fee model provides residents with predictability, flexibility and financial security – and that is a great financial planning tool!


Benefits to Independent Living

You’ve cleaned, polished and scrubbed all your lives – you’ve painted and repaired – raked and mowed. You’ve taken care of others. Now it’s time to unwind and let someone else start looking out for you. At Shaker Pointe, we believe you deserve a carefree lifestyle surrounded by a caring staff and friendly environment with the support you need to lead independent lives. Shaker Pointe recognizes that each new resident has a unique lifestyle and the services and amenities provided at Shaker Pointe are designed to provide something for everyone.

Refundable Entrance Fee

Payment of a Refundable Entrance Fee allows Shaker Pointe to offer lower monthly fees than typically found at straight rental communities by reducing expensive long term carrying costs associated with new construction. With a variety of options available to choose from, it also provides residents the opportunity to find a comfortable fit with their finances and the peace of mind in knowing they are preserving their assets.

Monthly Service Fee

Service – comfort – convenience… That’s what one monthly fee affords our residents. You’ll no longer find it necessary to spend hours each month paying bills because everything is included in one convenient payment, not to mention a multitude of services to help make life more enjoyable and a thoughtfully planned calendar of life-enriching activities – more for less!