Adult Children

A home where parents live happy, healthy years

At Shaker Pointe, we speak to many people interested in improving the lives of their parents, whether they want to help them find new activities and programs to participate in, help them secure residential spaces requiring less upkeep, or help them become more social and engaged in their years of retirement.

In our community, independent single adults and couples thrive. Our residences allow immense privacy and personalization paired with daily opportunities for community engagement and continued growth. Shaker Pointe offers many comforts for individuals assisting their parents in choosing their next home, including:


24/7 campus-wide security protecting residents and properties around the clock, whether residents are home or away


Maintenance-free living that keeps residents from accidents and injuries that can occur during household work indoors and outdoors

Family Connection

Rooms available for family events, allowing small and large groups of family members to visit residents in their homes and in our community spaces

Community Activity

A full calendar of activities allowing sons and daughters peace of mind their parents have numerous opportunities for engagement

Refundable Entrance Fee

A refundable entrance fee that protects parents’ financial assets while they live at Shaker Pointe