What’s Cooking at Shaker Pointe?

Chef Steven

Chef Steven Campbell holds his Chicken Rigatoni dish that is served in the Restaurant

Culinary Beginnings

Chef Steven Campbell graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park in  2002, the world’s premier culinary college.  Since his graduation, Steve has been entrenched in the culinary industry.  He began his career working for one of the area’s leading hospitality companies eventually becoming a Sous Chef for the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia, NY.  Serving thousands of area banquets, Steve has also lent his expertise to venues in Stowe, Vermont and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Apart from his experience in food hospitality, Steve also owned and operated a deli in Schenectady for a period of time.  His deli had a featured article printed in the Schenectady Gazette.  Just prior to becoming Executive Chef at Shaker Pointe, Chef Steve spent three years at the Holiday Group as a Senior Executive Chef.  He worked at the Atrium in Scotia as well as Diamond Ridge in Troy.  He was awarded 2 honors in excellence and a third for his culinary expertise.  Here at Shaker Pointe, Chef Steve has already received one Flik Lifestyle award for his culinary skill.  Flik Lifestyles, our dining service provider is dedicated to using the freshest high-quality, sustainable ingredients.


Chef Steve gives residents a cooking demonstration in the Display Dining Room

Dishing up at Shaker Pointe

Chef Steven Campbell joined our creative culinary staff this past summer.  Since joining our community, Chef Steve has been hard at work upholding the culinary experience of residents and guests.  He began hosting monthly cooking demonstrations for residents of Shaker Pointe as well as launching a brand new menu in our Restaurant at the Pointe.  His inspiration for the menu draws from the distinctive design of The Restaurant at the Pointe.  Located within Shaker Pointe, The Restaurant at The Pointe was created with the architecture of the Shakers in mind.  Housed in a striking round stone building, the interior of The Restaurant exemplifies warmth through wood details and color.  The hearth, located in the center of the restaurant, creates a focal point to draw guests into the dining experience.  Keeping in mind the heritage of the Shakers, Chef Steve’s fall/winter menu focuses on simple, fresh flavors and hearty entrees.  Chef Steve’s background in Italian cuisine is reflected in many of his dishes at The Restaurant at the Pointe and is on display for his resident buffets.  When asked what he likes to prepare, Chef responded, “My background is primarily with Italian food, I enjoy making the pizzas we serve in The Restaurant hearth.”  “It’s a lot of fun to prep and bake in that oven.”  In our Resident Dining Room and The Restaurant at The Pointe specials, Chef has been busy planning for the holiday season.  With food playing a large role in many celebrations, our community is sure to be filled with the delicious scents of the season.


A personal pizza served at The Restaurant at The Pointe.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about new Chef Steve. He was one of my students in my teaching years at St. Helen’s School in Schenectady, and a wonderful friend besides. I wish him well in this new position, and I’m sure he will be a great asset to you. Tell him I wish him all the best . You can give him the e-mail, too.
    Sincerely, Alan

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