What it Means to be Green

At Shaker Pointe there is an underlying commitment toward boasting an environmentally friendly community.  As the community enters its third and final phase of construction with Spirit Tree, this devotion continues to have a presence.  Shaker Pointe received its first Gold LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for its Carriage Residences in 2013.  A LEED certification is a global ranking of achievement in green building.  Last year, upon completion of our community center and Doane Brook apartments Shaker Pointe was awarded the highest level of certification in the country with Platinum.  Opening in June, Spirit Tree is also positioned to be awarded a Platinum LEED ranking.

So just what goes into a community striving for LEED certification?  Commitment to the fine details, hard work, time and expense.   Every aspect of the project including the design, construction, operations and maintenance plays a role in achieving high-performing and cost-effective green features.  Attention to design includes such aspects as monitoring the air sealing of all the duct work, the sound between apartments, and the acoustic rating. To achieve a LEED certification, consideration is placed on paint selections, energy-saving appliances, and carpet varieties.  Our construction team from LeCesse does their part by making every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle materials such as drywall and framing.  Shaker Pointe is also committed to the use of as many local products and materials as possible.  Overseeing all this work is a third party consultant, Steven Winter Associates, Inc. helping to insure a LEED certification rank.

Where does all this hard work and commitment to the environment come from?  The dedication of our Sponsor, The Sisters of Saint Joseph.   Said Executive Team Member Sister Kay Ryan,  “Energy saving, resource material, the type of paint you use, all of those things have an impact.”  She added,  “The Sisters of Saint Joseph have a strong move to preserve the environment.  They made the decision that we would be doing as much as we could.  It truly has more to do with the environment and long-term goals.”   Shaker Pointe’s commitment to ‘being green’ falls right in line with the community’s overall dedication to providing an environment that enhances the social, physiological, and spiritual well-being of all its residents.  We are excited to open the doors to Spirit Tree this June and can’t wait to show off the design!

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