Wellness Wednesdays at Shaker Pointe, June 4, 2014

There is a great article on HELPGUIDE.org that discusses exercise strategies as you age and provides examples of ways to stay active.  Studies have shown that even small changes towards increasing your activity level can help reverse some of the symptoms of aging.  Exercise can energize your mood, relieve stress, help you manage symptoms of illness and pain, and improve your overall sense of well-being.  Exercise is the key to healthy aging.  This fact is presented with some of the common myths about exercise and aging:

a.  Myth:  There’s no point to exercising.  I’m going to get old anyway.

Fact:  Exercise and strength training not only help you feel younger they also lower your risk for various health conditions such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

b.  Myth:  Older people shouldn’t exercise.  They should save their strength and rest.

Fact:  Living a sedentary lifestyle can often cause older adults to lose the ability to do everyday things on their own.  Inactivity could lead to more hospitalizations, doctor visits, and additional medications.

c.  Myth:  Exercise puts me at risk of falling down.

Fact:  Exercising to build strength and stamina will actually prevent loss of bone mass and improve your balance to reduce the risk of a fall.

d.  Myth:  It’s too late,  I’m already too old to start exercising.

Fact:  It’s never too late, start with small changes like light walking.

e.  Myth:  I’m disabled. I can’t exercise sitting down.

Fact:  Chair aerobics or a ‘Sit to be fit’ class is a great way to increase your range of motion, improve muscle tone, and promote cardiovascular health.

Click to see the full article Exercise and Fitness Over 50.

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