The Not for Profit Difference

Shaker Pointe has become the premier choice for Independent Living Communities in the Capital Region for several reasons.  Some might say it’s our beautiful maintenance free apartments and amenities and our vibrant  programming.  Perhaps it is because our residents are highly engaged and satisfied and aften speak highly of where they live.  But it’s not just by luck we have attained these accolades, it is because of our mission. Shaker Pointe does not exist to make a profit, but rather to fulfill a mission that was birthed out of the mission of our sponsor, The Sisters of St. Joseph. Their mission to “serve the dear neighbor” drove them to establish Independent housing in the Town of Colonie. The goal of Shaker Pointe is to serve our active senior population, and in serving, provide lifetime housing with a lifestyle that will benefit our residents’ well-being and peace of mind.

A Not for Profit (NFP) organization, or in this case, retirement community, keeps all of its earnings in the organization. This is one of the major distinctions of a NFP from a For Profit (FP) community. Both FP and NFP communities must earn money to continue operating.  NFP communities reinvest any profits back into the community. They make improvements to their programs and services, enhance the community’s campus and hire additional staff members. This re-investment ultimately benefits the residents directly. FP communities have an obligation to shareholders and investors whose priority is making money on their investment.  IN order to maintain and increase profits, FP communities are often over promised and under staffed.

A consequence of this major difference is that FP communities often lack in the quality of services, and number of staff.  They actually go hand in hand.   At Shaker Pointe we have a large dedicated staff, our employees are in-house, and make up the Shaker Pointe family.  We have a whole team of maintenance techs, of housekeepers, a team of kitchen and dining staff, a F/T fitness director, 2 F/T Activities staff plus many administrative staff. Our Operations and Administrative staff are dedicated to our mission, not to our shareholders. We come to work everyday to serve the residents, and therefore our standards are high.

Our residents say it best. 

Many residents and potential residents find it comforting to know that they will be living somewhere that aligns with their values and will always take care of their needs.  This can be felt when taking a tour and interacting with residents and staff. When it comes to choosing a new home for yourself or your loved one, we hope you will do your homework and consider this often overlooked, but crucial factor.  We are highly recommended for a reason and we are proud of all that we have become.  The residents and their families are the beneficiaries of our mission and we extend that mission to you.

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