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Resident Ann Krupski leads chorus practice each Monday afternoon. Resident Sr. Rose Parkhurst plays piano.


For the Love of Music

Ever since her childhood, Ann Krupski has been engaged in music.  Growing up in a family with a deep appreciation for music set Ann on a course that would play out during her life.  Ann remembers, each Sunday, her father would play Polka on the radio in the background.  Her mother ensured that she had piano lessons and instilled in Ann the importance of classical music.  Ann played the piano and participated in chorus and band throughout her early childhood.  When asked if she ever took up playing another instrument, she laughed.  In a marching band, she had played the Sousaphone.  This original brass type of marching tuba had to be held by another while she played.  The significance of her past dedication, certainly had an impact later in her life.  Ann went on to major in Music Education at the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY.  Upon her graduation, she found her passion in directing choral groups and instrumental performances.  For Ann, her joy has always been in working with people. The result has been euphonious harmonies!

Ann plays her original piece entitled 'Something Wonderful'

Ann plays her original piece entitled ‘Something Wonderful’

All Together Now

Shortly after moving to Shaker Pointe in 2013, Ann recognized the need for a chorus group.  Living in the Courtyard homes at Shaker Pointe, Ann was one of the first fifty residents to move in.  This number grew quickly with the opening of our Doane Brook apartment homes and then later with our Spirit Tree homes.  Early in 2014, Ann went to work recruiting a growing interest among those musically inclined.  Today, in its second year, the Shaker Pointe chorus is made up of 30 residents.  Ann shared that the members range in age from the mid-sixties all the way to 91 years.  When asked what inspired her to start a chorus at Shaker Pointe she stated, “It’s wonderful to see how aging persons can come together to make beautiful sounds.”  Ann admits, with a laugh, “This is the first time I’ve directed a group of aging persons, as an aging person myself!”

To date the Shaker Pointe chorus is one of the largest resident groups on the campus.  At 1:25 p.m. on a Monday afternoon, the hallways and great room buzz with resident activity as chorus members gather before practice.  It’s no small undertaking to corral everyone into the Multi-purpose room and keep all on task.  Ann does this with a smile and a quiet dedication.  When asked what the most rewarding part of leading the Shaker Pointe chorus is, she states, “Watching the work get stronger and stronger and seeing how supportive all of our residents are.”  She goes on to talk about the spirit of unity that has begun to form here at Shaker Pointe, mentioning, “The people in the audience are just as important as those on stage.”  This is evident in watching the chorus perform.  You can see the enthusiasm carry from the smiles of the performing members to their friends, neighbors and loved ones seated in front of them.  In a performance to dedicate the arrival of the new Spirit Tree apartment homes, Ann prepared a very special piece entitled, ‘Something Wonderful.’  The song, written and composed by Ann, serves as the anthem of Shaker Pointe, encapsulating the spirit of unity that has begun to form in our community.  When asked what the chorus would evolve into in the next five years, Ann was excited, but coy, sharing only that she has some surprises ahead.  She mentioned that she would like to see the group be more comfortable singing in multiple harmonies.  Ann reflects by saying, “By being in the chorus, a member experiences a sense of belonging to a unique part of the Pointe Community that is larger than oneself.”  She adds, “At the same time, the community as a whole is able to identify with and take pride in the chorus.”  In the end, what makes this chorus group so special is watching the talents of each personality shift into one song, together for all to enjoy.

The Shaker Pointe Chorus preforms last fall to an audience of guests and residents.

The Shaker Pointe Chorus performs last fall to an audience of guests and residents.

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