Independent Living. Are You Ready?

At Shaker Pointe, we hear it all the time.  ‘I’m just not ready.”  The reasoning may be different for everyone, but for most there is a fear centered on what they may be giving up to make a change.  Instead of thinking about selling your house or downsizing as a loss, think instead about what you gain.  What do you want to do more of in your retirement? Maybe its volunteer more, work-out or walk more, have time to garden, or learn something new.  What do you want to do less of?  We’d all like to do less home maintenance, snow/leaf removal, housekeeping, or cooking.  Independent living at Shaker Pointe is designed to give you more time to focus on the things you want to do, while taking care of the chores you’d like less off.

How do I know if I’m Ready to make a Move?

Throughout our journey in life we often wait for signs before taking the next leap to make a change.  Very rarely do we see those signs written in the stars.  What we do see are folks who waited too long to enjoy independent living and are now facing a health crisis.  We also hear from others who wish they made the move sooner.  Independent living is designed to make life easier, prolong health, and grow your social circle.  Advantages to help you live the retirement you want and the life you choose.  You might not have that light bulb moment, but here are four common signs from the American Seniors Housing Association, that it might be time to make the move.  Ready or not.

  1. You’re Tired of Looking After a House:  Your house has been your home for a number of years, but the chores and maintenance to maintain your castle start to become a burden.  Your ageing, so are your four walls!  Often times your home isn’t designed for your safety.  Stairs, basements, bathrooms all can become a challenge if you are facing a change in your health or mobility.  Climbing up ladders, raking mulch, mopping floors, unfortunately it never gets easier!
  2. You’ve Been Thinking about your health:  You might be in great health right now, but what happens if ________?  What’s the plan if you suffer from a progressive health condition, a fall, a set-back?  Fill in the blank, but have a plan and to ease your worries.  At Shaker Pointe our residents enjoy safe, one-level living, access to a physical therapist on-site, access to a Primary Care Physician on-site, and the peace of mind of having a supportive and dedicated staff to point you in the right direction.
  3. You Feel Lonely:  When we leave the workforce our social circles can narrow.  If you are dealing with the loss of a spouse or close friend this can be devastating.  The impacts of isolation and loneliness are shown to be harmful to health, some studies even compare loneliness to the impacts of smoking or obesity on our health.  Shaker Pointe is our residents home, and while everyone enjoys their own privacy, its like having a whole neighborhood of your peers just outside your door.  There are daily, even hourly opportunities to meet people and get involved. Enriching your life with socialization and friendship can go a long way towards improving your overall wellbeing.
  4. You’re Worried About Driving:  Are you less comfortable driving late at night or in the rain or snow?  If you find yourself avoiding long trips or relying more and more on favors from friends and family you may be isolating yourself without realizing it.  Fact is our eyesight and hearing may not be as sharp as they once were.  Keep the car, gain the convenience at Shaker Pointe.  Our transportation fleet is here when you need it, rain or shine.  We take trips to shops, grocery stores, and doctor’s appointments.  We even take care of the transportation for our outings by offering front door pick-up.

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