Food for Thought Thursday, June 12, 2014

Studies have shown that keeping an active social life can help ward off memory loss and dementia.  The older we get the more challenging it can be to meet new people.  A recent AARP article by Margery D. Rosen outlines 9 ideas to help stay socially engaged.

  1. Go Deep:  Hold on to a few close relationships.  “It’s not the number, but rather the richness and depth of relationships that counts.” -Laura L. Carstensen, Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity.
  2. Risk Reaching Out:  Strike up relevant conversation with those around you or encourage current friends to bring guests to a dinner.
  3. Just Say Yes:  Put yourself out there if your invited to an outing, step outside your comfort zone.
  4. Get on the Road:  Check out itineraries offered from local tour companies.  College alumni associations often sponsor trips as well.  Shaker Pointe offers a variety of day trips on a given month.
  5. Volunteer:  Reaching out to others can boost brain health.
  6. Think Local:  Check your local newspaper and online city event listings to see whats happening in your neighborhood.
  7. Pursue Your Passion:  Taking a class or a workshop is a great opportunity to meet someone new.
  8. Join a Social Network:  Social media sites, like Facebook,  offer a chance to reconnect with old friends.
  9. Consider a Move:  Move to a new community like Shaker Pointe.  The change can invigorate you!

The link to the full article is below:

9 Ways to Make Friends and Boost Brain Health 

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