Food for Thought Thursday, May 22, 2014

Studies now show that continuing to stimulate your brain as you age may delay cognitive decline and dementia.  Listed below are a few things you can do to stay mentally sharp.  This data was gathered from  Senior Planet’s interesting feature on “Brain Training”  See the full article below!

Simple ways to stimulate brain activity :

  • Subscribe to online mind-training programs such as Aging Well, Happy Neuron, and Lumosity.
  • Keep up those crossword puzzles!
  • Try completing brain exercises to boost short-term memory and reasoning.  There are free exercises through AARP Brain Fitness.
  • Build small challenges into your daily life to exercise memory and thinking.  For example while paying bills try calculating expenses in your head instead of reaching for that calculator.
  • Take a grocery list with you to the supermarket, but try to memorize as may items as you can without looking.  Test yourself!
  • Read a newspaper and then discuss articles with a friend or neighbor.
  • Don’t forget staying physically active and socially engaged also aids in maintaining brain function as you age.

“Brain Training-Hype or Hope?”

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