Fitness tips with Kerry

February Fitness Tip’s with Kerry Engle, Shaker Pointe’s Fitness Director

Beginning Squats for Seniors

Squats are a great beginning exercise because your using a lot of your legs.  Your legs have a lot of muscles so you’re targeting many groups with one exercise.  A squat is a very functional exercise because it mimics an everyday activity.  We all sit and stand multiple times thought out the day.  Working this group of muscles is very important in maintaining mobility and balance.  The stronger a person can progress with the exercise the longer that person can be independent.


Step 1:  Start with a chair for a guide. Stand with your legs open, feet apart about hip width. You can angle out your feet.



Step 2: Hinge at the hip and extend your backside toward the chair.



Step 3: Sit with legs apart arms forward.



Step 4: Push through your feet while leaning forward and slowly come up.



Step 5: Stand up and repeat steps 1-4 in multiple sets.

      Progressions of the Exercise 


Run through steps 1-4 and tap your backside to the chair in reps instead of pausing to sit or stand all the way up.



Work towards completing the exercise without a chair present.



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