Fitness Tips with Kerry

October Fitness Tip with Kerry Engle, Shaker Pointe’s Fitness Director

Bridge Exercise

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This exercise is designed to work the hamstrings, core and abdominal muscles.

Follow these Steps:

Step 1:  Lie down on your back.  Use a yoga mat for this exercise or a padded floor.  As you lie down, make sure your knees are bent and hip distance apart.  Keep the soles of your feet planted firmly on the floor.  Walk your heels back as close to your buttocks as possible.  You will use the strength of your feet and your glutes to lift up.

Step 2:  Keep your arms at your sides, place your hands and elbows down.

Step 3:  Lift your hips toward the ceiling.  Be sure to press your feet into the floor and lift your hips as high as is comfortable.  As you lift squeeze your buttocks to make them more firm.

Step 4:  Keep your knees and thighs parallel.  If you splay them out to the side you can injure your knees and back.  Keep your shoulders on the floor to protect your neck.

Step 5:  Hold the pose for 5 full breaths and release back to the start position.  Relax your rib cage as you do this.  Gently lower yourself down, slowly so you don’t collapse onto your back and neck.

Step 6:  Perform the exercise in reps of 10 lifts.  Repeat three times to get the benefit of a good workout.

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