Fitness Tips with Kerry

Septembers Fitness Tip with Kerry Engle, Shaker Pointe’s Fitness Director

Foot Rotation in 90-90 Neutral Back


The muscles surrounding the foot and ankle are critical for balance and movements of the knees and hips.  This exercise is designed to take those joints through all the ranges of motion and to strengthen the muscles responsible.  You should feel fatigue in the front and the sides of your shin muscles.

Follow these Steps:

Step 1:  Lie on your back with your arms extended on the floor at shoulder level, palms upward.

Step 2:  Rest your lower legs on a chair or ottoman.

Step 3:  Rotate one foot at a time in a clockwise direction, drawing a circle with your toes as big as you can.

Step 4:  After desired repetitions, reverse your direction counterclockwise.

Step 5:  Upon completing both  directions, point your foot straight away from you and then pull your foot straight back towards you.

Repeat with your other foot, keeping your lower legs still.  Each set should be about 20 repetitions.  Increase or decrease repetitions to your ability.

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