Fitness Tips with Kerry

August’s Fitness Tip with Kerry Engle, Shaker Pointe Fitness Director

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The purpose of this exercise is to improve motion of the entire spine, in both flexion and extension.  It also provides a gentle stretch of the spinal flexors and extensors and helps with coordination of movement of the head and the pelvis.

Follow These Steps:

Step 1:  Start on your hands and knees with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips.  Your body should be square, like a box.

Step 2:  Relax your feet so that the tops of the feet rest on the floor.

Step 3:  From this position, tuck your pelvis under.  Drop your head and bring your chin toward your chest.

Step 4:  Reverse directions by allowing your stomach to drop and your back to sway.  Your shoulder blades should drop together and your head looks up.  Make it a fluid movement, rather than holding any one position.

Step 5:  Exhale as your head looks up, and inhale as your head looks down.  It’s important to keep your elbows straight as you perform the movement and to avoid rocking forward and backward at the hips and the shoulders.

Modification:  You can limit the range of motion in either or both directions if you feel any restraints or discomfort during the exercise.

Complete 15 repetitions.

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