The Benefits of Social Engagement

As we age, community engagement becomes more important than ever.  Here at Shaker Pointe, we see firsthand the benefits of community every day.  We watch as neighbors, who were once strangers, form meaningful bonds overtime. For those who are new to our community, our robust activities calendar provides a great avenue to increase engagement. Recently, research has begun to show the importance that friendship can play in increasing overall wellness.  A study that looked at all the published research done on loneliness since 1980 found the mortality risk of loneliness and social isolation to be comparable to that of smoking and obesity. One such study, conducted by Masterpiece Living, examined information from their partner communities in 2016.  This study organized residents who reported feeling the least lonely to those who reported feeling the most lonely.  Of those who reported feeling the least lonely, the following physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual benefits were reported.


  • Better overall health
  • More energy
  • Greater participation in aerobic activity
  • Consumption of more fruits and vegetables


  • Greater satisfaction with community
  • Feel more supported by family, friends and team members
  • Greater participation in social activities
  • More opportunities to use skills and abilities
  • Greater confidence to deepen social connections


  • Higher self-rating of memory compared to peers
  • Lower self-rating of memory limiting social activities
  • Greater ability to take in and process new information


  • Greater levels of meaning and purpose
  • Greater satisfaction in life
  • More control over one’s life
  • Lower levels of feeling “down, depressed and hopeless”
  • Greater levels of volunteerism

To learn more, visit Masterpiece Living or connect on facebook or twitter

For ways to become involved in ending loneliness check out helpful resources at Campaign to END Loneliness

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