Artist, Activist…Movie Star

Meet Pat Musick Carr. Every once in a while, you meet someone who changes the course of your life.  That is the theme of the movie, “The Artist and the Astronaut.”  The same can be said of meeting Pat Musick Carr.  Her accomplishments as an artist and a civil rights activist leave most in awe of her presence and her work.  Pat calls Shaker Pointe home, after her two daughters joined the community, she made the decision to move-in to be closer to her family.  Little did we know she had been working on a documentary with Director, Bill Muench a project that would take 6 years starting on her 90th Birthday.  Bill’s story portrays a uniquely American couple’s captivating story during the pinnacle of American exploration and social change.  His story captures just some of Pat’s achievements and those of her late husband, Col. Jerry Carr, Apollo Astronaut.

Pat Carr with her Daughters

Pat Carr with her Daughters at the Movie Premiere

When the project was completed earlier this year, Pat chose Shaker Pointe to be the place for “The Artist and the Astronaut” to debut.  We were honored to have the opportunity to celebrate one of our residents and to share in the joy of her life, and her story.  So, what did we do?  We rolled out the red carpet!  October 26th, we invited residents, Pat’s friends and family, and the project creators.  The evening was a great success, and we know the premiere of this film is just the beginning of this story’s journey.  We hope you will have the chance to view it in the future!For more information on the film and project visit the film’s webpage:  The Artist and the Astronaut

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