A Community Filled with Good Neighbors

Saturday, May 16, is Do Something Good for your Neighbor Day. It’s a day that celebrates and encourages care and consideration of those around you. At Shaker Pointe, our thriving community is filled with good neighbor vibes, every day.

Social distancing may keep us from gathering, but it doesn’t have to hold us back from spreading helping and kindness. Here are three simple ways Shaker Pointe residents are being neighborly and safe:


One of the best ways we can help our neighbors is by connecting with them, even if that connection is a virtual one.

Shaker Pointe residents are living together, with awareness, through numerous virtual activities. Fitness classes and cooking lessons are conducted via Zoom, with our entire community becoming impressively tech-savvy.

Random acts of kindness

And while Shaker Pointe provides tools to help residents remain safely social, the sense of community here may be the best amenity. Just listen to resident Marsha Ras, who returned to Shaker Pointe after a winter stay in Hawaii just in time for New York Pause and social distancing:

“To our surprise and delight we were greeted with fresh flowers and a delicious home cooked dinner supplied by wonderful neighbors,” Marsha said. “Great homecoming; great friends.”

Get some fresh air

With 30 acres of natural area, Shaker Pointe provides opportunities for outdoor walks with ample space between residents. Residents can maintain social distancing while enjoying nature, and naturally reducing stress.

These are just a few ways the Shaker Pointe residents act neighborly. Contact us today to learn more about life at Shaker Pointe.

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